At the Gallery this summer, a show of recent works by

husband & wife painters from Sperryville, VA:


"From disparate, far-flung beginnings we arrived in a similar territory in 1981, recognized each other and have been together ever since, working together, painting together. We restore historic decorative painting in houses, museums, churches and government buildings from Florida to Pennsylvania."

"Our paintings are related but distinct, informed by each other as final arbiters. One builds up dense, intricate, empirical surfaces of oil paint by repeated scraping down and painting up, searching for clarity. The other paints in watercolor or acrylic, seeking a precise color effect by adjusting color, layering thin films of paint one upon another.

"One graduated from art college with honors, and immediately went to work for a big name artist. One dropped out of college art classes in confusion and disillusion and ended up with a degree in Latin (!). 

"One is meticulous about listing, dating and organizing each sketch and preparatory drawing as well as the larger works. The other can only vaguely approximate the year that a painting was made.

"One makes work that is clear, precise and elegant, the other seems to be determined to begin at the bottom with apparent chaos and claw the way back to some kind of visual order."

You might want to see if you can fit the art work with the artist. 


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